Primary Tooth (Baby Tooth) Root Canal Therapy

Saving a tooth – even a baby tooth – helps avoid issues with chewing, speech development, and the alignment of developing permanent teeth
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What is Baby Teeth Root Canal Therapy?

Endodontic* Treatment is also called pediatric pulp therapy and is commonly referred to as Baby Tootth Root Canal Therapy, is designed to save infected or damaged primary teeth. This is usually a result of tooth decay that has made its way into the pulp chamber. 

The pulp contains the tooth's nerve. It also contains blood vessels that give the tooth oxygen and nutrients, playing a vital role in the development of teeth. When the pulp is injured or infected due to severe decay, endodontic treatment is often done to try to save the tooth.
There are two kinds of endodontic treatment done on baby teeth. 

1. Pulpotomy: a partial pulp removal. In this procedure, the entire, inflamed pulp chamber is removed. However, Dr. Krepkh will leave the tooth root area still intact and alive. The empty part of the tooth is filled with dental cement and a stainless steel crown, which will restore the tooth until its natural time to fall out.

2. Pulpectomy: the complete removal of damaged pulp.. This procedure is performed when both the crown and root parts of the tooth are infected. Dr. Krepkh will give the child an anesthetic to ensure there is no pain felt during the treatment. A hole is then drilled into the tooth. The contents of the pulp chamber are removed using files and medication is applied to fight the infection. The hole is then sealed with dental cement, and the tooth is covered up with a crown.

How do I know if my child needs Baby Teeth Root Canal Therapy?

1. Pain in the tooth is often an indicator of many different conditions. However, if the pain is unprovoked, constant and throbbing, damage from infection or injury may exist in the pulp of the tooth.

2. You may notice some swelling or inflammation of gums.

3. You may see some pus formation in your child’s mouth.

4. Your child experiences unexpected loose tooth.
If you suspect your child has an infected tooth, schedule an appointment at Kids Dentistry Center in Brooklyn. During your visit, Dr. Krepkh will perform an examination looking for symptoms of an infected tooth like soft tissue variations, darkened tooth color, unevenness in teeth, and an indication of drainage from an infected tooth. The doctor will also take x-rays to visualize what’s happening inside the tooth below the gum line.

Why should my child get Baby Teeth Root Canal Therapy?

Pediatric dentists believe that salvaging a baby tooth is almost as critical as saving a mature tooth for several reasons. The three most important are as follows:

1. The premature loss of baby teeth can interfere with chewing.

2. The loss of baby teeth early can hinder or distort speech development.

3. If a baby tooth is pulled or falls out early, the surrounding teeth may shift , leaving little room for a permanent tooth to grow in its place and negatively affecting the alignment of permanent teeth.

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