BPA-Free, Metal-Free Fillings

We offer natural dental fillings as a safer, healthier alternative dental treatment to traditional silver, amalgam fillings.
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Are traditional and composite fillings bad for my child?

Sometimes, traditional dentists treat patients with metal or silver fillings. Metal fillings are made of a material called amalgam, which consists of metals like zinc, silver, and up to 50% mercury. Mercury is essential to holding these different metals together and giving the filling its durability. However, many scientists agree that dental amalgam fillings do leach mercury into the mouth, and may contribute to many health issues.

Further, amalgam fillings expand and contract with the changing temperature of the mouth (cold/hot drinks/foods). This movement weakens the tooth wall which fractures the tooth allowing bacteria to enter, resulting in dental decay and disease.
As an alternative, many people turn to modern composite resin filling materials, which are strong, durable, and blend beautifully with the smile – offering a more natural-looking smile in fact than traditional amalgam metal fillings. However, this more aesthetically pleasing option is likely to contain a chemical known as Bisphenol A, or BPA for short. BPA is a controversial chemical found in plastics that has been related to health illness. Just as mercury fillings leak trace amounts of mercury over time into the bloodstream, scientists have managed to find oral enzymes that leak BPA into the bloodstream from composite dental fillings.

Is there a safe, strong, natural dental filling option for my child?

Yes. Dr. Krepkh is a conscientious dentist who pledges to use only safe and biocompatible materials. For fillings, she uses only composite resin fillings that are 100% BPA-free and metal-free. These composite fillings are also more aesthetically pleasing and attractive than traditional amalgam fillings.
The benefits of BPA-free composite fillings are many, including:

1. No worry about chemicals leaking into your child’s bloodstream

2. More stable than amalgam fillings because they are unaffected by changes in temperature

3. Stronger and more durable and stable than traditional silver, amalgam fillings

4. More resistant to fracturing

5. Aesthetically pleasing appearance

6. Require less time to harden than amalgam fillings
If you have any questions about metal-free and BPA-free dentistry, call our office today. We are committed to your child’s oral and overall health and will be happy to provide you with more information or help you make an appointment with Dr. Krepkh.

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